We are here for all your automotive needs.


Unexpected emergencies happen and usually at the worst possible times. We are here for you with our speedy service, affordable service we can get you and your car back to work asap.

Let us give you a FREE Diagnostic scan, and our experts will break down the problem for you and give you a quote within minutes.


A car is a huge investment for most people, we are here to help you maintain it in the best shape for years to come. Our expert technicians will give it a thorough inspection and take care of any issues before they become emergencies.

We check: Fluids, Filters, Tires, Joints, Batteries, Wipers, Lights, and more, at every visit to make sure you stay on the road and safe.

Trip/safety inspections

We can give your car the once over and make sure that it is going to be safe and reliable for that next summer trip or the winter get away. Let us help you to have a great trip where ever you are going.

Your parts and service are guaranteed

Through the Provantage network of repair shops, we can guarantee your parts and service will work for you. All our parts and service are backed with free towing service and covered labor and parts cost anywhere in the nation. For more information Click here.